ClinLife Privacy Pledge  

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Legal & PrivacyImpressum


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Your data will only be stored if you sign up for a clinical trial and will be deleted after completion

Your ClinLife account is free and participation is always voluntary.

Your account data is encrypted and secure. Read more here

We want you to feel safe. Any questions? Check our FAQs or contact us directly. 

We are committed to keeping your data private.

How we keep your data safe

Only the certified researchers at the research center you personally select can view your data via our secure software

Our Promise

How we keep your data safe

No action without your consent 

No personal data will be stored on our servers or shared with the research center staff unless you explicitly consent to it. 


We have been certified for our data privacy management. 

Secure data

All data is fully encrypted following national and European regulations. The research staff can only access it via our own secure software. 

Anonymous data for feedback

To evaluate where we must improve, all data is anonymized before a statistical evaluation. Our platform is set up that way, so that data is not mixed by accident. That means none of your answers or information can be traced back to you. 

GDPR compliance

As a company registered in Germany, we are required by both national and European law to be fully GDPR-compliant. 

We never give 3rd parties access to your data